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I’m Josie Moretti

Josie Moretti developed a passion for promoting equity in education in 2007, when she began providing assistance to students through special education meetings as a Guardian Ad Litem. She continued to build on her mission to empower struggling learners, gaining insight about the wide scope of struggles they faced in their search for help. Her continued educational pursuits and training forged the way to her becoming a highly-skilled Dyslexia Specialist, as well as a trained Special Education advocate for families, teacher trainer, consultant, and founder of Literacy Imagined.

Josie earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of NC at Chapel Hill, and a Masters in Organizational Development. She completed Special Education Advocacy training through The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), and worked with the Augustine Literacy Project, providing literacy interventions for students in Title 1 schools and coaching future tutors.

She holds the distinguished certification of Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist from the Center for Effective Reading. Josie has worked with numerous non-profit organizations, lending her experience in organizational development with her specialized training in learning disabilities to train and mentor teachers and other professionals.

Josie has volunteered with the Council for Children’s Rights, working with children in foster care to advocate for their special education needs, as well as helping children and families in the public school system obtain the best possible educational outcomes, ensuring that all possible barriers to learning are addressed.

At Literacy Imagined, Josie leads a group of Dyslexia Therapists, providing research based interventions to students, guiding children and their families in a multifaceted program that offers therapeutic, effective remediation of reading, spelling, writing, and math.

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Meet The Team

Faith Aron

B.S. Ed.

Faith Aron, B.S. Ed

My passion has always been to be an effective and impactful educator. I love empowering struggling readers to gain the skills and confidence that they need to become successful readers!

Meredith Kraine


Meredith Kraine, B.S., C-SLDS

I believe every child can accomplish big things. My passion is helping uniquely-abled learners overcome challenges to gain literacy skills, confidence, and to reach their fullest potential. Every learner is gifted in a different way and one of my favorite parts of teaching is helping students discover their unique gifts. Building on their strengths and supporting them in their areas of struggle, the greatest reward is seeing the joy on a student’s face when they realize that the “big things” they have been working towards are within their reach!

Debbie Santee


Debbie Santee, B.S., C-SLDS

As the parent of a dyslexic child, I understand the difference using a structured literacy approach can make in a child’s life. I love partnering with parents to help their child to reach their full potential.  I have taught Kindergarten through university-level students in Reading, English grammar, Literature, Latin, ESL and more. I have a B.S. in Elementary Education from Bloomsburg University. I have taught students from private schools, public schools, and homeschooled students. I currently work with students using an online platform teaching structured literacy skills. I would love to help your child become a confident reader and enjoy the adventures that happen when reading a story.

Kim Klatt

M.S. Ed., C-SLDS

Kim Klatt, M.S. Ed., C-SLDS

My passion for working with dyslexic students began with my daughter. I have been an elementary teacher for 17 years and love being able to help students gain skills for reading and confidence in themselves.

Amy Perlman


Amy Perlman, MLS, C-SLDS

As a children’s librarian, I’ve shared my love of reading with children and enjoyed getting them hooked on books.  As a literacy therapist, I’m dedicated to providing the tools and support students need on their journey as they discover the power and joy of reading and writing.

McKenzie Alewine


McKenzie Alewine, M.ED, C-SLDS

I graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education. I am certified to teach multi-categorical special education in grades K-12. I received my Masters in Education from Anderson University. I have ten years of experience as an elementary special educator and a reading interventionist. I am especially passionate about advocating for students and providing high quality, individualized reading and writing instruction and support.

Sabrina Lu Ekanayake


Sabrina Lu Ekanayake:

As a homeschooling mom of 4, I have been teaching all ages/grades since 1999.  I graduated from UCLA after studying Computer Science and Psychology which helped me as my journey led to getting my certificate in Assistive Technology and then my Master’s in Educational Technology.  I became passionate about Literacy as a critical life skill when I realized my youngest child was not being taught to read in the public schools.  He was diagnosed at 2 with nonspeaking autism and there just wasn’t a clear path for him to learn to read in the schools.  I decided it was time that I learned the methods to teach ALL learners.  As an Assistive Technology Specialist working with the California Charter Schools I began to meet more students with a primary diagnosis of Dyslexia, while setting up their accommodations and increasing their access to curriculum, I realized that they had not been given great reading instruction and it had affected all of their subjects and often their confidence.  I am proud to have become a reading specialist and enjoy finding the spark in every student on their path to becoming a confident learner.

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